We listen to you and help identify goals for your commercial real estate company. Whether your goals are a new brand presence, eliciting new investors, promoting a new line of business, or anything else, we will target appropriate audiences and create a marketing strategy to best meet your goals.


Social Media

Today, without a social media presence, your company is irrelevant. Whether you are pushing out a closing, selling a building, leasing a space, promoting a new build project, or sharing industry-related news, we can help streamline your social media strategy to ensure it is effective and makes an impact.


Paid Media

At Kloud, we know the market and understand the target audience enabling us to create successful campaigns. Our team of highly skilled social media experts will put together the perfect campaign that will help you obtain your KPI’s.


Press Releases

The commercial real estate industry is all advocating for your brand. At Kloud, we ensure your commercial real estate company gains publicity. Our award-winning copywriters can work with you to earn media coverage across publications like The Real Deal, Commercial Observer, The New York Times, The New York Real Estate Journal, Real Estate Weekly, The Business Journal, and much more.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Our email marketing service for commercial real estate companies creates visually compelling and targeted campaigns, using advanced personalization techniques to increase engagement. With detailed analytics and reporting, you can track your campaign's success in real-time, allowing you to see who's opening your emails and clicking through to your website. Our service will help you stay top of mind with your audience, generate new leads, and drive more business.

logo design

Creative Direction

Our team of highly talented graphic designers will help you position your brand to stand out. From billboard designs, brochures, mailers and more, Kloud will hold your hand as you grow your business.


Logo Design

Your commercial real estate branding should speak directly to your audience and tell the story of your firm’s culture, capability and vision. A dynamic real estate logo, teamed up with top notch real estate graphic design is an excellent start to building a great real estate brand.


Website Design

Our approach to commercial real estate website design and development is a detailed process ensuring that all the appropriate materials are collected and timelines are met. The website development process is important for building the website your business needs and for identifying the key service offerings you want to highlight.

brochure and offering memorandum design

Brochure And Offering Memorandum Design

We help high performing commercial real estate companies, teams and individuals improve the quality of their offering memorandums as well as enhance efficiency and turn-around times. Whether you need to outsource a high volume of offering memorandums, or upgrade the quality of the occasional investment listing, our team got you!



Let’s get your voices heard! Kloud’s creative team can help you launch a podcast that generates an audience and makes you an industry thought leader.


Events, Happy Hours, Closing Dinners

Whether it is networking, celebrating or launching a new line of business, Kloud will manage everything that needs to be done for your event from A to Z!  Just show up and enjoy the festivities.

influencer partnerships

Influencer Partnerships

Our team at Kloud is connected with many influencers who already have an audience of industry leaders. Work with Kloud and these well-known CRE celebs, to grow your presence and obtain more leads.