Wake up! It’s 2022!

You can’t go through an (almost) two-year global pandemic and not expect some things to change. For the real estate industry, as the market fluctuates, marketing constantly evolves. This forces CRE owners and investors to adapt and to find creative ways to reach their audiences. 

Looking ahead to 2022, with the rise of inflation, there will be a lot more dollars to spend on marketing. But how and where should real estate companies spend them?

  1. BRAND IMAGE: We’re part of an industry where image is everything. While digital advertising will always be a mainstay in your marketing strategy, remember that it will become more expensive as well. In fact, the price of Google Ads and the cost per click on many social media platforms have been increasing every year. So, spend time investing in your business’s image, whether that amounts to a full-scale rebrand or a well-thought-out, organic social strategy.  
  1. VALUED CONTENT: Everyone always says that content is king. But with tons of content on the internet, what matters most are relevance and quality. Audiences are interested in high-quality, unique content. You should provide longer and more educational content, such as market analyses. Keep in mind that you don’t have to post every day. It’s better to provide higher-quality content less frequently. 
  1. VIDEO: With platforms (like Instagram and LinkedIn) favoring accounts that post video content, real estate pros will need to start pushing out more attention-grabbing video. It’s essential to step out of your comfort zone with engaging video content. Think about doing a property tour, a report on some recent investments, or even a quick interview at your next networking event. 
  1. MOBILE-FIRST WEBSITES: Most of our internet browsing happens on phones. So, to deliver the best experience to real estate colleagues who are always browsing on the go, design your website with a mobile-first approach in mind. 
  1. SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION): For businesses operating on the local level, it’s important to invest in SEO. One approach is to update your “Google My Business” listing, which enables your business to show up in “near me” searches. It also lets your leads learn more about your business within Google Search results. 

2022 will bring some fundamental changes to the way we market, so it’s important to adapt now to stay relevant.

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